Foreclosure Defense

If you're facing a foreclosure, we may be able to find an alternative. Don't wait until you receive a notice of foreclosure. If you want to avoid foreclosure, you should consider other options as soon as you become concerned about your ability to make your payments.

If you find yourself in a situation where your mortgage lender is threatening, or has filed a foreclosure action against you, call us immediately. You do not have time to waste. Having legal representation can guide you through the foreclosure process and can even prolong the process of foreclosure greatly. This can allow you to stay in your home for an extended period of time, often a year to two and a half years.

Defending yourself is also important because of the consequences a foreclosure judgment may have on your credit. In addition to the loss of the home and any equity you’ve accumulated, you’re also facing a personal judgment amount equal to the amount of the outstanding debt. This will heavily impact your credit for years to come.

Here are the typical steps in a foreclosure case:

  • Default, which usually happens when you miss three to five mortgage payments.
  • Filing of Foreclosure.
  • Personal Service of Summons.
  • Foreclosure Judgment and Order of Sale.
  • Reinstatement Period Expires (90 days after personal service).
  • Redemption Period Expires (7 months after personal service or 3 months after judgment, whichever is later).
  • Foreclosure Sale.
  • Foreclosure Sale Confirmed.
  • Right to Possession Expires (30 days after foreclosure sale confirmed).
  • Eviction by Sheriff of Named Parties.
  • Recording of Foreclosure Deed.

Regardless of where you are in the process, call us to discuss your options. You still do have options.

We have years of experience working with major banks to resolve the default so that you can stay in your home. There are a number of tools available, some of which you may not be aware of. In addition, recent Congressional actions have changed the rules, allowing banks and homeowners more options to modify the loan. Your bank has hundreds of lawyers working for them, shouldn’t you have at least one !

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