Your Dedicated Family & Business Law Firm

Many of Fred A. Joshua, P.C.’s family law clients are business owners and other professionals whose business dealings are directly related to the issues in their divorce. Often, our attorneys will become involved in family law matters that involve business ownership and valuation issues, shareholder disputes, and other estate planning matters. Some of our clients include business owners, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals. We litigate matters throughout the state of Illinois, with our primary concentration being in the areas of Cook, Will, and DuPage Counties.

Similarly, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Fred A. Joshua, P.C. are equally skilled and experienced in every facet of business law, from establishing a corporation to handling any type of business or contract dispute involving Law or Chancery Division litigation. The attorneys at Fred A. Joshua, P.C. have built a reputation for obtaining impressive results in various types of litigation matters.

We are of the opinion that every client needs and deserves a firm that listens to and appreciates the client’s unique needs and desires. At the Law Offices of Fred A. Joshua, P.C., we understand the complexities, intricacies and nuances of starting, building, growing, defending and sometimes selling a business. We also welcome our clients to count on us in other legal issues that may arise during the course of their business, such as employee issues as well as the personal needs of business owners like estate planning, commercial real estate and other matters.

For the last 13 years, Fred A. Joshua has refined the art of identifying the unique and personalized needs of his individual clients. At the same time, Fred A. Joshua has built a reputation within the legal community for achieving great results in a professional, discrete and high-integrity manner. At Fred A. Joshua, P.C., our clients are not seen as cases, but rather as extended members of the Fred A. Joshua, P.C. family who need protection, advice and direction during a particularly difficult time in their lives.

To discuss your legal needs and how we can help you, call the Law Offices of Fred A. Joshua P.C. P.C. at 312-912-9800 or contact the firm online to schedule your discrete initial consultation.