Our business law practice group helps companies manage their legal matters in an effective, cost-efficient manner. Whether it is negotiating contracts or settling complicated disputes, our attorneys work hard to provide the maximum protections afforded to businesses by the legal system.

Business Transactions

The attorney at FRED A. JOSHUA P.C. has extensive experience in assisting clients with their domestic and international business ventures. From drafting and negotiating agreements, to buying/selling/merging businesses, to forming and dissolving entities, we have the requisite knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

We understand that business owners face many challenges and pitfalls and it is critical for them to have trusted counsel protecting the best interests of their business. In addition to our legal counsel, we bring a vast network of professionals and service providers to aid our clients should the need ever arise. We strive to forge long term relationships based on trust and respect for our clients.

Business Disputes

Whether between individuals, business partners, customers or other business relations, with the proper attention and strategy, Commercial Disputes can often be resolved in a fashion that minimizes expenses and time. However, unless such disputes are settled early on with care and tenacity, they can lead to costly litigation. We focus our efforts on pragmatically resolving disputes before they turn into lawsuits.

At times however, due to circumstances or the mindset of the parties involved, settlement prior to litigation is not an option. In such events, FRED A. JOSHUA P.C. continues representation of its clients' interests through the various stages of litigation. Even then, the primary goal remains expedient settlement of the case unless continuing with the litigation process is a strategic option for the client.